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His Promises are Yes and Amen &
They are for You, His Daughter,
Right Now - Today!

STOP Living with Fear, Worry & Anxiety!

In this book, I share what so many of us aren't being taught in church. We are not armed with the simplest weapons of warfare, let alone the understanding of these scriptural weapons available to us as Daughters of the King.

I share simple and easy to understand scripture-based strategies to help you begin an answered-prayer journey and stop believing, "This is just the way it is until heaven."

See What Your Sisters in Christ Say
About Being a Woman at War...

Tina's Testimony...

"I understand spiritual things better and how God is and has been speaking to me. I am so much more confident in my walk and my relationship with Jesus is deeper than ever.

My life has excitement now and I no longer deal with fear or anxiety because I understand where it comes from and how to defeat it with prayer.

I can’t thank you enough for what you do for all us women and I want every woman to know about this study. It will absolutely change your life for the best. Thanks again!"

Beth's Testimony...

"I carried a spirit of heaviness since I was a little girl. It manifested in sin and obesity. The Lord set me free and taught me 'the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness,' Isaiah 61:3.

The physical manifestation now is weight loss of over 100 pounds and walking in a Godly confidence that I never knew was even possible.

Thank you for sharing what you have learned with a community of women who need to know."

Gina's Testimony...

"For the past several years, I have been on anti-anxiety drugs, and now I am no longer on medication.

I have learned how to defeat this and not own it by saying, 'I have anxiety' any longer. I realize that I am warring with the peace that passes all human understanding.

I have learned to war with His word and the difference now is that I know who I am as a daughter of the King.

I am praising God because of the revelation of who I really am and the difference it makes in my mental health victory."

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Who is Sharon Restrepo?

Sharon Restrepo is an honest educator and encourager who loves to share her 25+ year journey from unexpected widow to successful investor, including all the mistakes and victories during that journey. From that place of transparency and vulnerability, audiences learn the most!

She is both humorous and encouraging as she teaches, mincing no words. Being brutally straightforward is both her weakness and her strength. Enjoy a breath of fresh air!

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